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Why steel cap boots are important on a job site

Posted By ,
30/04/2019 17:22 PM
There are endless reasons to wear steel cap boots on any work site as there are few places where your delicate toes are not at risk. There are not only dangers of heavy items dropping down above you,...

This is why polo shirts are one of the best garments ever created

Posted By ,
01/04/2019 14:46 PM
It is believed that polo shirts were first created by the famous French tennis player, Jean Rene Lacoste. However, looking into the history, these beautiful garments actually made their first...

Benefits of enforcing a school uniform policy

Posted By ,
26/02/2019 17:00 PM
If you or your children have attended a school with a compulsory uniform, chances are you’ve probably questioned why it was even necessary in the first place. These days, it's pretty typical...

Hi-Vis: More important than you think!

Posted By ,
22/01/2019 16:34 PM
Hi-vis work gear is a vital part of industrial workplaces – as those who work at roadsides or in other vulnerable areas know, wearing high vis jackets or vests is a crucial part of their...

Is this the right uniform for the situation?

Posted By ,
21/01/2019 10:00 AM
Imagine if you had a medical appointment and your doctor showed up wearing a dirty t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. Or you are a parent, and your child’s teacher comes to class in a bikini....

10 reasons why you should look presentable at work every day

Posted By ,
27/11/2018 12:00 PM
Have you ever heard the adage: “You’ve got to dress for success”? It’s not just an empty saying – university studies show looking more presentable at work leads to...

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